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What We Do For You

Vermont Wealth & Retirement strives to deliver clarity, choice, 
comfort and confidence.

First, we get to know you. We work without preconceptions to develop a winning strategy for the crucial years leading up to and through retirement – a supportive strategy that’s right for you. Central to this approach is arming you with information, keeping you informed, providing choices and operating with transparency. As part of the Vermont Wealth process, we provide:

  • Ongoing communication regarding the how’s and why’s of your investment performance, as well as regular account statements, and competitive/alternative comparisons
  • A secure, online financial management tool that helps you provides you both comprehensive and at-a-glance reporting of your entire financial portfolio: investments, debt, property, banking and insurance
  • On-going client education workshops and seminars to help increase your financial IQ and to keep you up-to-date on current financial events
  • An easy-to-understand documented investment strategy, with clearly stated objectives and risk tolerances
  • Annual reviews of your long-term retirement strategy, today’s economic climate, and any changes in your life, goals and requirements
  • Transparency regarding all fees and commissions

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

The Vermont Wealth approach is built on trust, mutual client/coach respect, genuine understanding of the latest financial tools and in-depth financial market perspectives, and an honest desire to provide you confidence in your future.

 To help you achieve retirement confidence we offer a portfolio of proven processes, methodologies and financial planning services including:

  • Legacy and Wealth Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Accumulation Planning
  • Loan and Investment Strategies
  • Asset Management
  • Banking and Insurance Advice

Discover the Vermont Wealth difference. For a no-obligation Retirement Review, simply email us or call 802.489.5310 today.