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What Makes Us Different

There are countless firms and individuals ready and willing to help you invest and manage your money. Most offer similar tactics, tools and options, with slightly different names.

Vermont Wealth & Retirement is different. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions based on questionnaires and computer generated reports. We work first to really get to know and understand you...your current goals, immediate plans and future objectives.

Personal Attention
You will never be defined by a digit, percentage, pie chart or graph. And a couple of hours aren’t enough to truly communicate your values, security needs, risk tolerance, plans for retirement and your legacy and convert them into an understandable, effective plan of action.. At Vermont Wealth & Retirement we understand this and we take the time to develop open, clear communication to build a partnership for a lifetime of success.

Customized Approach
By connecting with you as a unique individual, Vermont Wealth & Retirement builds a plan that is exclusive to you. Whether you are growing a business, building a second home, designing your retirement or planning your legacy, there is no single blueprint for success. We get to know you, create a plan for only you, understanding that situations may change and goals may shift.

Professional Standards
As the firm’s CEO, Greg Hammond is a Certified Financial PlannerTM,  financial educator and coach. Under his leadership the firm adheres to the most rigorous ethical standards. Communications are frequent and open. Your account statement is updated and sent to you regularly, options, comparisons and new ideas are offered periodically. We happily and openly report our commissions and fees.

Coaching and Education
Our approach to retirement planning is all about increasing knowledge, gaining insight, understanding options, and then making informed decisions... together. This is why Vermont Wealth & Retirement offers a curriculum of educational courses and a series of continuing education workshops on topics, such as the history of investing, to planning for long-term care, to understanding social security, and more.

With 26 years of experience, Vermont Wealth & Retirement has developed unique strategies and techniques to help pursue your financial goals. The approach we take is systematic, yet distinct to your particular situation. Our approach lets us appreciate your aspirations, review a broad spectrum of options, and design a plan to help meet your specific needs.

As an independent financial advisory firm, Vermont Wealth & Retirement is not limited to a single, defined set of tools. The firm has the freedom and obligation to apply the best available tools and techniques to help pursue your financial goals. Using some of the best-of-breed web-based financial management tools, and our own proprietary methodologies, we work with you to help you work towards achieving  your dreams.

Customer service, personal commitment, ethical standards and transparency really need to be experienced, not simply claimed. Give us a call and speak to our caring team. You’ll see that commitment, principles, and customer focus are not goals we work toward... they’re who we are.