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Straight-forward Costs

There is a wave of change in the financial planning industry. The financial troubles of the past few years have brought demands for more open communications, accurate reporting and transparency within the industry.

To that, and to the rest of the industry we say, "It’s about time."

As a Certified Financial Planner professionalTM, Greg Hammond and his team provide every Vermont Wealth & Retirement client with accurate, verifiable information on your account status, investment performance and plan progress. We go beyond the quarterly statement and are ready to explain any element of your financial position in detail.

As partners in helping you achieve your financial objectives, we demonstrate that there are no hidden agendas or dual purposes behind our advice and services. At Vermont Wealth & Retirement, we openly disclose our costs and commissions. You see precisely how we are paid for the work we do.

This kind of honesty and integrity may be a challenge to some in the financial advising community, but at Vermont Wealth & Retirement, it has been and will always be, at the core of what we do.