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Retirement Planning

Your vision of retirement is likely very different from that of your father or grandfather, or mother or grandmother. Vermont Wealth & Retirement can help you pave the way to retirement on your terms. Whether your dream is filled with adventure and travel, a relaxing mountain estate, or pursuit of a lifelong passion, planning for your retirement takes more than a calculator and an IRA.

Each financial decision made has some impact on your retirement. Your financial coach from Vermont Wealth & Retirement will help you understand the impact of financial choices and help you make informed, confident decisions.

Is Enough Enough?
In a recent survey by Northern Trust, 92% of high net-worth individuals stated that they were worried rising costs would hamper their ability to reach their retirement goals. Rising costs, particularly in healthcare, increased longevity and changing government regulations all can cloud the sunset glow of retirement.

Developing a plan with Vermont Wealth & Retirement will help provide you a clearer view of what’s ahead. We work with you to quantify the resources needed to help attain the lifestyle you envision. The plan is a blueprint and a living entity, ready to adapt to revised goals, economic conditions and regulatory environments.

The Gold Watch Marks a New Beginning
At Vermont Wealth & Retirement, we understand that retirement is not an end to your productivity and pursuits. More and more successful professionals and business owners are approaching retirement as a time to engage in philanthropic or social activity, community leadership and other enterprises.

Working with your Vermont Wealth & Retirement advisor, a practical, precise yet flexible course is designed to help ensure the vision you have of retirement can also become a reality.