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Our Process: The Vermont Wealth Experience

Vermont Wealth & Retirement applies our own exclusive process to clarify your current financial position and set a course to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.

We are trained to discover your current economic condition and understand your financial ambitions. Working together, we find solutions that let you confidently face the future, your retirement and beyond.

Your financial plan is not a document that is bound, shelved and forgotten. Like life, priorities and plans are fluid. That’s why we provide on-going coaching, education and communication. We work with you to monitor your investment position and your comprehensive financial situation. We go beyond the quarterly statement, understanding that an expanding business, a growing family, college tuition, a job change, prospective retirement or other real-life situations warrant a review of financial positions and goals.

The Right Foot
At our initial meeting, we seek an understanding of what brought you to Vermont Wealth & Retirement. We wish to become familiar with your situation and goals and explain our philosophy and processes. Together we map-out a plan utilizing specific strategies, tactics and the unique methodology you’ll find at Vermont Wealth & Retirement.

The Tools of Discovery
Our process examines key areas of financial wellbeing, uncovers weaknesses and helps identify opportunities. Areas of particular focus include:

  • Taxes - Opportunities are explored to help you keep more of what you earn.
  • Debt - Not all debt is bad. Your current debt structure is reviewed in light of your objectives and potential modifications are examined.
  • Risk - Like debt, some risk is valuable... even necessary. We perform a complete risk analysis to accurately identify risk then systematically determine what level can be retained, transferred or eliminated.
  • Portfolio - Your financial coach has a thorough understanding of asset allocation options and investment strategies. After an extensive evaluation of your investment portfolio, we ensure proper alignment with your overall goals and time horizon.
  • Education - As part of our planning process, we examine your current economic situations, objectives and explain the choices and options which will lead to your financial goals.
  • Retirement - The vision of retirement is different for everyone. Through your relationship with your Vermont Wealth & Retirement coach, we can help chart a course for your particular destination.
  • Legacy - Vermont Wealth & Retirement collaborates with you in planning life issues, including a strategy for the most efficient and tax advantaged distribution of wealth at death.
  • Communication - We pride ourselves on customer service, communication and transparency with our customers. Our relationship is founded on open communication and, through mutual understanding, we are able to adjust your plan as your life and goals evolve.

Tools, tactics, strategies and experience can be broken into separate elements and simple bullets on a page. But everything comes together in the person of your Vermont Wealth & Retirement financial coach. Experience the difference by scheduling your first meeting with Vermont Wealth & Retirement