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Our Methodologies

Vermont Wealth & Retirement employs a unique methodology to design and implement a financial strategy, while maintaining the individual perspective and intent of each client.

With over twenty-six years of experience, Vermont Wealth & Retirement has vetted numerous systems and techniques...selecting the best-of-the-best to create the Vermont Wealth & Retirement approach.

Essential to the Vermont Wealth & Retirement approach are two core methodologies: the  Lifetime Income Analyzer, and the  Portfolio Design Optimizer.

A Lifetime of Growth: The Lifetime Income Analyzer

Just as your aspirations and vision are unique, so is your current financial position. Your financial needs are different at each stage of life. Building a business or establishing a professional practice requires different tactics than entering retirement or planning your legacy.

Vermont Wealth & Retirement recognizes and addresses the shifting economic needs at each stage of your financial journey. We work with you through each step: from building capital, managing your assets, developing investment strategies, designing your financial plan for retirement, and planning a legacy.

We understand that short-term goals and aspirations change. You may want to make a major purchase, invest in your business, build a second home or assist a family member. Your Vermont Wealth & Retirement financial coach will systematically assist you through short-term and long-term goals to ensure you make well-informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Learn more about the  Lifetime Income Analyzer here.

Investment Vision: The Portfolio Design Optimizer
Financial growth and achievement are often aimed at future goals. But the achievement of these goals depends upon frequent, tactical investment decisions made with confidence and committed to a future objective.

At Vermont Wealth & Retirement, we go beyond the asset allocation that was designed for the masses. We explore investment opportunities within asset classes that offer growth, stability, income and security in the right proportion for you.

Vermont Wealth & Retirement guides you to investment opportunities that others may not find. Our flexible solutions help your resources work securely through the most turbulent economic times.

Learn more about the  Portfolio Design Optimizer here.