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Managing Life's Risks

Risks are inherent in life. While eliminating financial risk is impossible, protecting you from, and preparing you for, risk is not. Each of us needs to define our strategy to prepare and protect us from risk in congruence with our goals, responsibilities and personality.

Safeguarding the Future
Cornerstones of financial stability are cash savings and long-term investments. Life is full of surprises. While a reserve of as much as six months living expenses is common recommendation, we help you define the cash reserve best for you.

Risk Management and Insurance Coverage
Insurance offers the most comprehensive and flexible means to manage the personal financial risk of total loss of your home, your car, your life, your ability to generate income, long term care expenses and the cost of a hospitals, doctors, labs and medicine. At Vermont Wealth & Retirement, we help identify the appropriate insurance products and level of coverage consistent with your financial position and goals.

As an independent firm, Vermont Wealth & Retirement offers a wider range of insurance options. And we work for you...not an insurance company. Our purpose is rooted solely in creating an insurance strategy integrated into your comprehensive financial plan.

The building blocks of a solid insurance plan include;

  • Life Insurance - Vermont Wealth & Retirement can help guide you through the forest of life insurance options. Together we help determine the amount required and the type of policies that may best provide for a safe and secure future.
  • Disability Insurance – In the event you become unable to work, disability insurance provides for income replacement. Often overlooked, this coverage helps protect your family and your assets in case you are unable to earn income due to an accident or illness.
  • Long-term Care Insurance – Long-term care insurance provides money to help pay for the costs of home health care, assisted living facilities, community care, and nursing home expenses that traditional health insurance does not cover.
  • Property and Casualty Insurance - Property and casualty insurance protects home and business owners against damage to property or from liability that occurs on, or in, the use of their property.
  • Medical Insurance

Managing the risks in life is a key to success. With Vermont Wealth & Retirement, you have a coach and partner that has walked this path before and can help guide you past the hazards that can impede your progress to the summit of your financial success.