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Conserving Your Investments

Few will disagree that current economic times are more than a bit turbulent. However, nearly all economic climates offer valuable investment opportunities. Even during boom times, one mantra remains true...preserve your capital.

Conserving Your Core Investments
At Vermont Wealth & Retirement, we are dedicated to building wealth. But many fortunes are lost by ignoring a fundamental rule of investment... protect your principal. Your core asset base represents the tools with which to build your future. Risk has it rewards and its place in investing. We work with you to help develop a strategy designed to build wealth and we work with you to resist the urge to chase the next ‘shiny new thing’ in the world of investing. We believe by resisting the latest fashion and recognizing the herd’s mentality, investors are more likely to consistently prosper in diverse market conditions.

Prudence and Boldness
"A good general not only sees the way to victory, he also knows when victory is impossible." This advice resonates with today’s investor as it did with Ancient Rome’s conquering generals. You and your Vermont Wealth & Retirement coach survey the investment landscape and determine, with you, what combination of action and caution is right for you.