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About Vermont Wealth & Retirement

well-be·ing [wel-bee-ing] –noun: a state characterized by health, 
happiness, and prosperity

Your financial well-being is top priority. Vermont Wealth & Retirement provides highly-personalized retirement planning, wealth management, and ongoing financial coaching and education services. Our clients tend to be New England-based, retirement-focused and affluent individuals, families and businesses.

More than two-and-half decades of experience and a highly-respected Certified Financial Planner™ stand ready to help you achieve a greater sense of confidence throughout all stages of retirement planning: from sowing the necessary financial seeds to nurturing and growing wealth, to managing and preserving assets, to harvesting and enjoying the fruits of your labor in retirement itself.

We offer a portfolio of proven processes, methodologies and financial planning services to help you achieve retirement confidence and preserve and protect you in the areas of legacy and wealth planning, accumulation planning and investment strategies, asset management and insurance advice.

Meet Our Associates

Astrid Fernandez


Astrid began her career in the securities industry in 1993. She received her Master of Science in Business Administration from St. Michael’s College in 1998 and is a  securities representative. At Vermont Wealth &...

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Tim Carney, CFP®, RICP®


Tim entered the financial services industry in 1989. A graduate of the University of Vermont from the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Business Administration, he quickly discovered how to utilize his problem-solving skills to...

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